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Kang Dae Sung
Birth name Kang Dae Sung
Also known as Dae Sung
Born April 26, 1989 (age 26)
Origin South Korea
Genres K-Pop / K-Hip Hop, Ballad,R&B, Trot
Occupations Singer, MC, Actor
Years active 2006–present
Labels YG Entertainment
Associated acts Big Bang
Website Official Website
Korean name
Hangul 강대성
Revised Romanization Gang Dae-seong
McCune–Reischauer Kang Taesŏng
Daesung (born Kang Daesung on April 26, 1989) is a member of South Korean hip hop group Big Bang. Since his debut, he has released solo singles, performed in musicals, and became a member of reality-variety series Family Outing.


[hide]*1 Career


Main article: Big Bang (band) Although his parents were against the idea of him becoming a singer, Daesung pursued a career as a singer and was eventually recruited by YG Entertainment after auditioning. He later appeared on a documentary show following the potential members of what eventually became Big Bang.

Their first appearance as a group was on August 19, 2006 at YG Family's 10th Anniversary concert. On September 23, 2006, they had their debut performance. The group had its first big hit with "Geojitmal" (Korean: "거짓말", "Lies") in 2007.
In between various albums and EPs as a group, the members were able to pursue solo activities. Daesung released his debut trot single "Nal Bwa Gwisun" (Korean: "날 봐, 귀순", "Look at Me, Gwisun") in 2008;[1] he stated that although he was worried about dampening the group's image, he wanted to try something different.[2] The singer also joined the reality-variety show Family Outing as a permanent member. The show revealed that his IQ was 110.[3] He also joined the Korean production of Cats, playing the role of Rum Tum Tiger.[4]
In the midst of Big Bang's break in early 2009, Daesung released his second trot single in early 2009, titled "Daebakiya" ("Korean: 대박이야", "Big Hit").[2] He was also scheduled to join bandmate Seungri in the autobiographical musical Shouting;[5] however, the singer was injured in a car accident before the musical's run, and ultimately required surgery.[6][7] The injuries forced Daesung to halt all activities; he eventually made his return in October 2009, joining his group for the Dream Concert.[8]
According to his Agency, YG Entertainment, he is supposed to release his solo album during 2010 along with fellow bandmate T.O.P. Daesung's new song, "Cotton Candy", was released at the end of January.[9]


Main article: Big Bang discography===[edit]Released singles===

  • 이제,우리.. (Now We) (Nemo featuring Daesung)
  • 웃어본다 (Try Smiling) (Daesung Solo)
  • 날 봐, 귀순 (Look at Me, Gwisun) [trot] Digital Single
  • 대박이야! (Big Hit!) [trot] Digital Single
  • 패밀리의 하루 (Family Day) (Cast of Family Outing)
  • 솜사탕 (Cotton Candy) Digital Single
  • How Did We Get (Lee Hyori Duet with Daesung)


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